DC Impressions

I’ll be building this page over time so expect changes as I explore DC over the next year or two.

I’ve lived and worked in the Washington Area for around 50 years. I find it to be a marvelous city with a little something for everyone. In the spring, you haven’t lived until you’ve walked around the Tidal Basin and viewed the cherry blossoms. It’s a right of spring in the area that everyone looks forward to; however, the crowds are rather astounding. This year, I planned to be down at the Tidal Basin early, or so I thought. I left in the dark at around 6:20 AM and found the parking lot near the Jefferson Memorial already half filled. After paying for the privilege to park, I marched to the Tidal Basin and was greeted by 100’s of other photographers.

As I walked around the Tidal Basin that morning, I was taken by the tranquility of the scene. The majesty of the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument and Martin Luther King Memorial were heightened by the surrounding cherry blossoms. I’ll have to do the walk again during the summer to capture the greenery when it emerges later on. There were a number of couples at the Tidal Basin, having their pictures captured for their posterity.