Chicago is an interesting town, just don’t go in January or February.  I’ve gone to Chicago for work in those months and never felt cold like that before or since.  Some great places to eat, for sure, and some great sights, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and several buildings where he was the architect.


Where his home was, Frank Lloyd Wright also designed many of the homes in the Oak Grove neighborhood.  It’s hard not to spot them.

While you’re walking around enjoying the Wright houses, the Oak Park neighborhood also was Ernest Hemingway’s boyhood home.  It’s worth a few minutes walk to go see Hemingway’s boyhood home.

Another item to put on the list is the Art Institute of Chicago.  We thoroughly enjoyed going through the museum.  Even looking out of the museum, Chicago’s skyline is impressive.

But it’s what’s inside that counts.

I was putting this page together and we’d just gotten back from the Sedona-Grand Canyon trip and I saw this Route 66 sign which reminded me that we had traveled on parts of the old Route 66 during that trip.  Interstate 40 replaced large parts of Route 66 in Arizona but some parts of the old route still seem to exist and are celebrated.

Chicago15.3Architecture has always been of interest to me and my wife so Chicago offers many interesting buildings.  The jail was interesting with its slits for windows.

Elevator doors and old hotel ceilings  are sometimes unbelievable.

Chicago’s skyline made up of so many tall and often elegant buildings, in my opinion, is worth strolling through to fully appreciate the city.  Yes, I put Trump Tower in only because its impressive, the man much less so.  Go on the boat trip, it’s worth it.  You see the city from a different perspective.

Drop by the Bean, it’s a fun experience, so many selfies.

Fascinating getting into the Bean and reflecting afterwards and what a convenient meeting place.

The sculptures are pretty cool to.

and for fun, go to Second City.  I think I’d had a few by this time.


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