New Mexico

In 2013, we took a trip to New Mexico.  We did some traveling to see some interesting sites, including some old towns.

Reservations are pretty eye opening.  I think we could have done a lot better in supporting the Native Americans then we have.

While driving in New Mexico, you’ll come across some very interesting views.  Canyons that are awesome, rivers where artist are at work and startling sunsets.

If you go, plan for the Fall and check to see when the balloon festival is.  You have to get up early but it’s worth the trip.  You can watch as they fire up their balloons and then see them ascent into the early morning sky to fill the sky with balloons of different shapes and yes, advertising.

To me, I find some inspiration in the Native Americans who really knew how to live on the land in peace, that is, they knew how to live without destroying the natural environment.  Perhaps we could learn some lessons from them.

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