Rhone Valley, France

We started in Monte Carlo but Nice is the first French city we stayed in.  I have many fond memories of Nice from childhood.  I remember the curved shape of the city nestled against the Mediterranean as well as playing on the pebbled beach and wearing plastic/rubber shoes for the beach.

I’m thinking about going back to spend a couple of weeks someplace along the Mediterranean during the summer.  I just feel drawn to the area.

Of course there are churches, narrow streets and shops to see.

You can’t miss the statues and wide boulevards as well.

We took a short trip to Arles.  So many doors to open and church towers to see.

On to Avignon

A trip to Avignon is not complete unless you visit the famous bridge of the ballads, “Sur le Pont d’Avignon”.  The bridge at Avignon was started in 1177 and finished in 1185.  It was the only bridge across the Rhone between Lyon and the Mediterranean so the town grew from the commerce and tolls that were collected.  The Popes moved to Avignon for a time during the 14th century.  The bridge fell into disrepair in the 17th century and only 4 arches remain today along with the lower chapel.

Avignon itself has a great deal of old world beauty and charm.

Incredibly, there are still aqueducts built by the Romans still standing.  Will anything we build today stand after 2000 years?

We had a brief stop in Chapaize to see a church and a cute little town.

We traveled along to get to Lyon which is along the Rhone.  I found Lyon to be a very beautiful city with a very scenic and majestic cathedral on the hill overlooking the city. As in Lisbon, there was a protest going on for animal rights.  I love the old Citroen, what a beautiful old car.  It reminded me of Pépé.

We left from Paris.  If I went to Paris a 100 times, I’d never tire of the city.  I’ve always just felt like I belong there.

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