I started this page to speak about how American patriotism is shown by its citizenry by protest in our country but then it struck me that civilization as a whole has only moved forward by protest of inequality around the world.  The voice of protest has arisen most often when the inequalities of a current system become so stark and grave that those oppressed have nothing to lose but to stand up and raise their voices against those who are oppressing them.  It’s been true throughout history.  One only look back over in the last few hundred years, we’ve had the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution to name some of the more well known.  Each revolution caused by the oppression of leaders who where out of touch with those they ruled.

In the current environment in the USA in 2020, we have a raging pandemic, economic turbulence and police forces in the country who knowingly or unknowingly, target those in the lower strata of society, particularly those of other then the white race.  Yes, there are good police departments but we have our share of bad departments and bad police.  While Black people have taken probably the largest share of abuse, one cannot overlook the countries abysmal treatment of our Native American population and to a lesser extent our Hispanic and other minority populations.  White America simply put, has a lot to answer for and I say that as a White American.   Let me confess that I grew up in a Southern city and was indoctrinate into Southern culture.  It has taken me years to change my views and I know that it is extremely difficult to unlearn the lessons taught in our youth but I have worked very hard to change, I hope, for the better.

Our current environment is that Donald Trump is President.  It is clear, that he lacks any morality whatsoever.  He clearly stated from the beginning of his campaign for President that he is a bigot and a racist and he spews his hatred in every utterance and tweet.  As President and even before, he has worked with Russia to the detriment of the USA to gain power and to hold onto it.  Most recently, he has denied knowledge that Russia has paid bounties for American servicemen in Afghanistan and declared it a hoax.  Sir, it is not a hoax and you show yourself to be in Russia’s service by doing nothing.  The pandemic rages in our country causing economic dislocation and Trump does nothing.  Persons of color are murdered by the police and Trump extols the history of the Confederacy that enslaved, beat, raped and murdered those enslaved.   Certainly this is not our finest hour.

While Clare and I and our children have taken part in many demonstrations including the several of the Women’s March in DC and the Anti-Iraq War March, Clare and I both took part in Vietnam War protest in our day.  I also fondly remember demonstrating outside the White House in Lafayette Park when President Nixon resigned.  Our daughter, Julie, is keeping our American spirit alive by taking part in the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in DC.  I, personally, would have liked to take part but at 70 with the COVID pandemic, I thought it best not to participate.