About me

Once I started posting, I started getting “likes” from other bloggers.  Everyone seemed to have something about themselves and people do have interesting stories to tell so here you go.

My mother was a WWII war bride from France and my father was a GI from Richmond, Va.  They had 5 children and resided in Richmond but my mother continued to go back to France to visit her parents.  I was able to go to France a couple of times as a child, remembering the home in Paris and visits to Brittany and Nice.  My French is terrible so don’t ask, use it or lose it as they say.

I went to VCU, majoring in History and minoring in Political Science and Geography.  I found studying history and the world fascinating.  I moved to Washington, DC in 1973 to go to American University for a Master’s in Public Administration.  Unfortunately, paying your own way through life is pretty tough and I never finished my degree.  Looking for a job, I ended up getting into the government in 1978.  Somehow, I ended up in a position as a Computer Programmer which the government trained me to do.  I worked over my 30 year career in three agencies, GSA, US Courts and the FCC, ending as the Chief Information Security Officer at the FCC.

After 30 years in the government and having a secure pension to fall back on, I jumped to private industry working for MITRE, (ISC)2 and ISACA, finally just saying to myself, “that’s enough” and retiring.   I’d always enjoyed traveling so now Clare and I can travel when we would like.  We’d been on many trips before but now we can visit places that we hadn’t had the opportunity to go to before.  On one of my trips, I met Marie who said she had a blog.  I thought that it sounded like a good way to apply some of my creative juices so am working to put one together.

For the many other travelers and soon to be travelers, happy trails to you.


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